How Is Soul Music Different From R&B

Those aware of fine styles of music have often blended soul with R & B in their libraries and playlists. Associating one sound with another in their minds until they create a new style of music altogether.
Soul is a type of music that puts the focas on the performer and their voice. Soul musicians sing from life experiences and bring their triumphs and failures out with their voice. Their lyrics speak to millions around the world. Stars like James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Al Green, and Chaka Khan are among those who brought dance and motion to the stage and changed the way the world viewed soul music and it’s legendary performers.Didn’t catch that? This explains it.This/tag helps explain it more.
Rythem and Blues, more commonly known as R & B, is a style of music that emphisizes the instuments used as well as the vocalist. Showcasing the unity betweem vocalist and musician tender ballads are created. Ballads have defined love and relationships since the Song of Solomen was penned thousands of years ago.
R & B music has become more popular among mainstream society and is used for many advertising and promotional purposes and encourage creativity in other arts..
Soul music and R & B changed the American music industry.

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