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How Motown Affected The Music Industry

Many musical traditions that we see in modern American arts are renditions of earlier acts performed by African American artists. From the earlier chants of those who lived as chattel we carry a musical passion that has grown into several successful genres and inspires the possibility of empires to come.
Our legendary performers, singers, dancers, musicians, comedians and stagehands were not always rich and famous. They were not given the respect due to them in their careers or in their personal lives.Their talents created a need for black owned studios.
With no talented Read the rest of this entry »

The History Of Soul Music In This Country

The history of soul music can be dated back to early pioneers like James Brown, Etta James and the Temptations. Artists that were developing a style during this time were innovators. They didn’t have anyone else to copy. They had to be original and do things for themselves.

Jackie Wilson, for example, was a terrific one man show that had many females swooning. Sam Cooke was also a big pioneer in the world of soul music. Much of this has come full circle because these artists are being remembered through Read the rest of this entry »

Why Is Aretha Franklin The Queen Of Soul

Aretha Franklin was born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1942. As the United States was becoming more mired in World War II, Aretha was being raised by her grandmother on a steady diet of gospel music. She began to sing and play piano without formal instruction at an early age. Aretha used these early influences to earn a recording contract with Columbia Records before her twentieth birthday. While these recording sessions produced some results on the charts, it was the varied styles of music that she sang that set Read the rest of this entry »

How Is Soul Music Different From R&B

Those aware of fine styles of music have often blended soul with R & B in their libraries and playlists. Associating one sound with another in their minds until they create a new style of music altogether.
Soul is a type of music that puts the focas on the performer and their voice. Soul musicians sing from life experiences and bring their triumphs and failures out with their voice. Their lyrics speak to millions around the world. Stars Read the rest of this entry »

How Soul Train Impacted The US Culture

During a tumultuous time in American history, one show helped bring people of different races together. Soul Train pioneered the way for black music and culture to reach mainstream America. Not only did it spread their culture, it did so at a time when the civil rights movement was reaching a critical moment. While Mississippi, Alabama and many other places in the south were fighting to keep “separate but equal” and other draconian racist ideals, the rest of the country watched in horror. At the same time Soul Train was quickly becoming one of the most popular shows on TV. Don Cornelious was a laid back man, who allowed all races to be on his show. Perhaps, the impact was felt as much in the white community as the black. Never before had so many people been exposed to music that was once taboo. Soon,, this style would enter the forefront of the music scene, with everybody enjoying it. Soul Train was revolutionary, and help heal wounds that seemed may never heal. Combining cultures and finding tolerance is what we think about America today, and this show helped pave the way. It will likely be forever remembered as one of the greatest shows in American history.


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